The team at helped me save my amazon store and keep me under the ODR threshold. I was skeptical at first, but they were able to remove almost half of my negative feedback that was unjust that Amazon just ignored even though it was mostly product feedback! Thank you again. – Jerry
Jerry Bowers - CA, Elite Jewelers
My husband and I needed some help with customers who just wouldn’t respond to our requests when asking them to make things right who left us bad feedback. I really didn’t know what to do an amazon was not being very helpful. helped us big time by working with Amazon to have many of our reviews removed. We are not a big seller, so just 1 negative feedback really hurts. It was a big help to have them work on our store and continue to monitor things. – Susan
Susan Wolsk - GA, Shopping Depot
Ed and the team helped us sign on quick and worked with our customers who just would not budge. They were able to remove a fair share of feedback that was unjust and get our score to over 90% again. That was really helpful as we started to see an increase in sales. Its cheap and worth every penny to go with these guys. Thanks a million guys. – Paul
Paul Airhart - TX, Extreme Toys