This depends. Our business’s have a heavy portion of revenue coming from google shopping also known as PLA. We have 14MM unique sku’s that we sell so efficiency in google shopping is key. That’s why we built our own software in house as most of the 3rd party stuff could not cut it or compete.

When I said it depends, its because not everyone can afford the CoS (cost of sale) that may come with your territory, especially if you are a small seller. You may be competing with others who are outbidding you on clicks or you tend to spend a lot.

Through our consulting, we have noticed a lot of agencies who take on PLA’s or CPC do not pay attention to CoS very closely and a lot of times just have 1 bid. The other reason it may not work for you is if you cannot afford to manage it.

To do PLA/Google Shopping right, you have to adjust bids constantly and look at performers, understand trends and overall keep a very close eye on it. If you do not have the time nor can hire someone on to manage it for you, then it becomes a bit pointless to do.

Feel free to reach out if you need help.