Lets just break this down into the needs to stay relevant:

  • Complete Data Fields. Ensure you have all parts of your data feed submitted.
  • Custom Fields. Create custom fields in your data set and populate them with relevant info
  • Unique Titles. Titles have to include the same as what you would want in an H1 tag and 70 characters long. Don’t half ass this. Rich titles that stand out (You may be grouped for a lot of product so it may not matter as much)
  • Reviews. You will need lots of reviews to stand out. The more reviews you have, the higher you will rank in theory. So do good by your customers.
  • Bidding strategy and groups. Far too many people just build one group and put one bid for all. You have to be strategic and do it by brand, category or even down to the sku. I suggest hiring someone if you have over 1000 sku’s and are in a competitive space. Luckily, you can message me as we consult for Google Shopping.
  • Freshness of data. You need to upload daily or hourly. Don’t wait 30 days to upload new data.
  • Shipping settings. Ensure your shipping settings reflect what you are charging. Don’t game the system to show the customer less before he goes onto your site to find it being more. You will lose customers and could get kicked off.

That should cover the bulk of what you will need to do well. Feel free to contact me for help or consultation.