There are only 2 ways to get negative feedback removed and nothing else: Ask to have it removed by amazon or ask the customer to remove it. Here are the challenges of each:

Ask the customer to remove it:

  • Its nearly impossible to have customers respond after a sale occurs
  • You cannot bribe or solicit any $ in turn for removing feedback. Will prompt account suspension
  • Contact info is usually masked to customers, and the chance of your email/message getting through is low
  • You can try to mail a “token of appreciation” to the customer, but its not 100% certain they will follow through

Ask Amazon to remove it:

  • You can now only use the bot to remove feedback
  • Once you get denied, you have 1 appeal in 30 days that you can ask to remove that feedback
  • Staff at Amazon don’t always read your messaging or skim over it. Most get denied.

So what do you do?

  • Try, try, and keep trying. always try to reach out to your customer. Ensure you write a REAL EMAIL and not just copy paste some generic email or use a solicitation service to fight negative feedback. You will just upset people more.
  • Change your practices to get less negative feedback; identify your root cause.
  • Use a service like feedbackfixers to take care of the above hands off.