There are no great services to improve feedback. While companies like Feedback Genius, feedbackfive etc all give you tools to solicit feedback from customers, Amazon does the same thing to every shipped order. Here is why using 3rd party software can do more harm than good:

  1. Your solicited feedback won’t get to the customers inbox. Amazon throttles a lot of messages to customers. While all the services are “amazon partners” it does not guarantee that your solicited email gets to the client.
  2. Generic messaging hurts more than it helps. I come from the world of marketing automation, and yet, when it comes to feedback of a purchase or product, it’s a very touchy subject. If you do not 100% know that the customer is happy with that item, your generic message could do more harm than good. But why? See point 3.
  3. Waking the sleeping bear. When you send generic messages in a template to solicit feedback, you are reminding someone to review your product or store. Are you sure you are soliciting feedback from only happy customers? What if you accidentally emailed and reminded someone of their poor experience. Now you get an extra negative feedback. Read the Amazon forums. All the biggest sellers suggest to not use services period.
  4. Amazon already does it for you. Any order marked shipped, Amazon sends an email to, to review their order. Badgering them with your solicited review may help get more feedback, but as explained above, its not 100% guaranteed to be good feedback.

If you have negative feedback and think its not rightful, don’t waste your time trying to bug and beg every one of your customers to review you with an assumed positive feedback. Instead, use a service like to help work with Amazon to remove reviews that are not rightful. As well, work on your overall practices in the business to change operations and identify the root cause of the bad feedback. At the end of the day, whether its your service, supplier, manufacturer or whomever else, you sold the product. So the buck stops with you.