Everyone writes about why Feedback is important. The basics of course are true which all boil down to:

“Good feedback inspires consumer confidence which leads to more orders”

But its not that simple. Good feedback on Amazon is not just a nice-to-have, but rather a need. Here is why:

ODR. Order Defect Rate.
Your ODR has to be below 1%, plain and simple. If its not, you run the risk of getting suspended (which usually happens) as well as you instantly lose the buybox. What does that mean? You lose 90% of sales. I have seen it on my own accounts over the years. Its not fun dealing with that. Amazon gives you a perfect explanation of what ODR is here.

Feedback is one of the largest parts of your ODR that can affect your viability to sell on Amazon. Yes, thats right, your ability to continue your business, which gives you lifeblood is based upon a metric Amazon has created which basically “Ride or Die”. If you keep your feedback in check, greater than 90%, your worries of being suspended or losing buy-box have lessened dramatically.

Suspension Appeals
Have you ever been suspended from Amazon or heard the stories? Its not fun by any means, many times stores are not allowed to come back, but most of all, it means your business stops – Amazon keeps your money forever. Yes, thats right, they keep your money forever and you cannot do a thing about it. So you are out your business, inventory if you use FBA and any disbursement of funds they have. This can be a catastrophe and you have all read about it on the seller central forums.

If you have good feedback, you have a much higher chance to regain your account and ability to sell. Amazon looks at your account overall when considering reinstatement after being suspended and feedback is one of the most important things. They want to see you care about your reputation and do best by your customer.

More Sales
Our friends at Amazon don’t tell you this, but if your ODR is below .25% and your feedback is above 95%, you get a bump in ranking for BuyBox. A 10% increase in your BuyBox could mean a 30%-50% increase in sales! The only way to keep ODR that low is to have good feedback. And to have 95% feedback, well, you know what you need to do. This applies to both FBA and FBM Sellers.

Other Secrets about having good feedback…

  1. As mentioned above, if you have above a 95% feedback score + under .25% ODR, you get a boost in BuyBox as either FBM or FBA.
  2. When appealing Policy Warning based cases for IP, trademark, bad practices etc, your feedback is heavily judged. Above a 90%, Amazon goes much easier on you than if you have below a 90%.
  3. As above, if you ever get suspended, its much easier to have your POA approved when you have above a 90% feedback

Make sure you monitor your feedback or have a team, like the ones at FeedbackFixers.com actually be proactive on keeping your feedback score up.